Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I'm posting a short "virtual field trip" to Plymouth Plantation so that you can get an idea of what life was like 400 years ago.

Give thanks for what we have in the 21st century, and for those who endured throughout our history.

The Library will be closing at noon today and remain closed on Thursday and Friday. It will be open for regular hours on Saturday and Sunday. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Young Jack

For those of you lived in the Boston area prior to JFK's rise to the presidency, there's an exhibition at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, that should appeal to you. "Young Jack" shows us JFK "as a boy, a student, a decorated war hero, a young man seeking his life's path."

Kennedy definitely had humorous streak! "The future president as a Leaning Tower of Pisa tourist, August 1937," courtesy JFK Library.

Some items from our collection cover the pre-presidential period of his life:

Cooper, Ilene. Jack: The Early Years of John F. Kennedy. [J B KEN]

Donovan, Robert J. PT 109: John F. Kennedy in World War II. [940.545 DON]

Graham, James W. Victura: The Kennedys, a Sailboat, and the Sea. [973.922 GRA]

Hamilton, Nigel. JFK, Reckless Youth. [B KEN]

Matthews, Chris. John Kennedy, Elusive Hero. [B KEN]

Monday, November 23, 2015

Dancing for Your Brain

I read an article on a report that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine from the Bronx Aging Study. It showed that dancing reduces a person's chance of developing dementia by 76%! Let me say that again 76%!

The biggest barrier to dancing is one's own mindset. "I can't dance." "I have two left feet." "I look like a dork." get over yourself and just dance. No equipment necessary, other than a radio or other source of music. You can waltz or rhumba with a partner, or you can dance all by your lonesome.

If you want to increase the level of dance to also benefit your heart, there are forms of dance exercise such a Zumba, or something like this:

Start simply, borrow a video from our collection:

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners. [DVD 793.33 BAL]

Booty Bounce. [DVD 613.715 BOO]

Chair Dancing around the World. [DVD 613.71 CHA]

Dance Workout for Dummies. [DVD 613.715 DAN]

Latin Sensation Dance Workout. [DVD 613.715 TUT]

Swing: Invitation to Dance. [DVD 793.33 SWI]

Zumba Fitness Complete Total-Body Transformation System. [DVD 613.715 ZUM]

Friday, November 20, 2015

Poetry Friday--"The Pilgrims Came"

"The First Thanksgiving, 1621" by Jean-Leon Gerome Ferris, courtesy The Athenaeum.

Right up there with the turkey as a symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday are the Pilgrims. Here's an old children's poem that appears in Our Holidays in Poetry, compiled by Mildred P. Harrington and Josephine H. Thomas [808.81 HAR]. The book was published in 1929, and the poem was originally published in 1919:
The Pilgrims Came
by Annette Wynne

The Pilgrims came across the sea,
And never thought of you and me;
And yet it's very strange the way
We think of them Thanksgiving Day.

We tell their story old and true
Of how they sailed across the blue,
And found a new land to be free
And built their homes quite near the sea.

Every child knows well the tale
Of how they bravely turned the sail,
And journeyed many a day and night,
To worship God as they thought right.

The people think that they were sad,
And grave; I'm sure that they were glad--
They made Thanksgiving Day--that's fun--
We thank the Pilgrims, every one!

What a highly romanticized tale we've woven about the Pilgrims! However, the real story is somewhat less appealing. Ric Burns, brother of Ken, and a documentary film-maker himself, visited the studio of "On Point" at WBUR in Boston to tell listeners what he learned had really happened. You can listen to the complete segment below:

Burns' documentary film The Pilgrims, will be shown on PBS next week.

Visit Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect for today's Poetry Friday Round-Up.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dutch Treat

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston currently is showing "Class Distinctions: Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer." It runs through January 18. Masterpieces have been loaned to the MFA from institutions such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Here's a introduction to the exhibit:

To borrow the Library pass to the MFA, have your calendar and library card handy, and start here.

To prepare yourself for a visit to the exhibit, borrow by The Rembrandt Book by Gary Schwartz [759.9492 SCH] or Vermeer: A View of Delft by Anthony Bailey [B VER].

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Only a Month Away!

As if December isn't busy enough, a month from today, December 18, will see the opening of the lastest Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Theoretically, there's plenty of time to see the Star Wars movies that led up to this new one, we have them all, however, they are constantly going in and out, so you may want to put a hold on them to make sure you get them all by December 18.

Or, you can read one of the bazillion Star Wars books in our SF section or in our children's room collections; you'll find them in J STA, or E STA.

Another way to spend the time waiting for the new movie to be released is to cut out Star Wars: The Force Awakens snowflakes to decorate your Christmas tree!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Is This a Week For Movies Or What?

Next week is Thanksgiving, so, movie theaters will be seeing an abundance of long-awaited movies opening this week and over the next few weeks. Here we go! Opening this week:

The 33 based upon the real story of 33 miners trapped for 69 days in 2010. Look for any of these for the complete story:

Aronson, Marc. Trapped: How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2,000 Feet below the Chilean Desert. [J 363.119 ARO]

Franklin, Jonathan. 33 Men: Inside the Miraculous Survival and Dramatic Rescue of the Chilean Miners. [ebook and downloadable audio]

Lüsted, Marcia Amidon. The Chilean Miners' Rescue. [J 363.119 LUS]

Tobar, Héctor. Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free. [363.1196 TOB, also AB/CD 363.1196 TOB]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. This sensation started with The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins, which can be found in our Young Adult collection, in audiobook, ebook, and in Chinese (Chōngjī yóuxì)! We also have the prior movies in DVD; Mockingjay Part 2 completes the series.

Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words, a documentary about the early life of one of the finest actresses of the twentieth whose life was also touched by scandal. Catch one of these movies Bergman starred in:
Anastasia. [DVD ANA]

Casablanca. [DVD CAS]

For Whom the Bell Tolls. [DVD FOR]

Indiscreet. [DVD IND]

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. [DVD INN]